Striving to Help Parties Realize More
Effective & Satisfying Dispute Resolution

Deb SperlakI practiced law as a private attorney for over 34 years. I presently work as a mediator, educator and coach. When serving as a mediator or conflict coach, I help people to communicate in a more respectful and productive manner. I also assist them in coming up with solutions that will work for all.

One of the areas I am focusing on these days is interpersonal relations, both in connection with cases where business, property or legal issues or proceedings are involved, and situations where they are not. The latter includes situations where people are not speaking with each other – for political or other reasons – or are not able to speak with each other in an effective manner. To encourage people to utilize mediation in ┬áinterpersonal situations where no business, property, or legal issues or proceedings are involved, ┬áI am offering my services in those situations at special low rates.

I invite you to learn more about me and the services I offer. Please take a journey through my web site and contact me at the telephone number or email address listed.

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